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The Vic Hadfield Golf & Learning Centre is a full-service golf and learning facility. In addition to our 120 tee areas where golfers hit off mats and/or grass we also provide a self contained short game area which includes two bent grass putting greens, a chipping area and a chipping green with a practice bunker.  Click on any image to view in a larger frame.

Golf Facilities - Best GreensBest Grass in the Area:  We have 120 turf hitting stations that are maintained on a daily basis.










Golf Facilities - Artificial MatsArtificial Mats:  For those learning the game of golf, artificial mats can be a great confidence booster.  As well, for those rainy days when seasoned golfers still like to get out and practice their swing, the mats provide a much drier surface to swing from.  We offer 50 mat areas for learning.






Golf Facilities - Short GameStressing the Short Game:  There's no denying that the short game is the most important aspect in golf!  Consider that 65 percent of all strokes during a round of golf are executed inside 100 yards, 43 percent of which are putts.  If an average golfer shoots 90, 58 of those shots are taken within a pitching wedge of the hole.

"We fancy ourselves as a place to learn the game and we stress the short game," says Vic Hadfield, owner of the range. "Just having it at our facility makes a statement."

Maintenance is a top priority at Vic Hadfield Golf & Learning Centre and keeping the short game area in top shape is a daily activity.

Target Areas:  One of the premier reasons to practice at Vic Hadfield's Golf & Learning Centre is our carefully measured target greens from 50 yards to over 300 yards.  Each tee-line hitting stall has a sign with its specific yardages.  Next time you go to the golf course you'll have a better feel for club selection from any distance!

Sand Traps:  As part of the short game area you will find our practice bunker.  This is a critical part of the game that, when mastered, can take many strokes off your score! You can practice "to the green" short shots or fairway iron shots.

Chipping Area:  Our two bent grass chipping greens allow you to practice chipping and pitching.  You can practice your low running chips to high lob pitches.

Putting Greens:  Our 2 highly-maintained bent grass putting greens give you plenty of room to work on all kinds of putts.  You can practice simple straight putts to long breaking speed putts.

Golf Facilities - Mini PuttMini Putt:  We have a full 18-hole hockey-themed mini putt course as well.  We regularly host group events, family outings, and birthday parties.









Golf Facilities - 18th HoleThe 18th Hole:  Challenge yourself today.












Golf Facilities - Party RoomParty Room:  Grab a snack and hang out in our covered area that doubles as a party room for fun outdoor birthday parties!  Play a round of mini golf then have some cake.  More details on our birthday party page.








Golf Facilities - Before The StormBefore the Storm:  One of our employees named Sylvester, who is a great photographer, has taken an awesome picture of the golf centre just before a thunder storm.  Click on the image to view in a larger frame.